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Martin Balmer, animal portrait artist

Artist, Martin Balmer

Hand drawn watercolour pencil drawings and portraits.

Garden birds, pet portraits, wild animal illustrations, fairies, and other subjects. Prints available.

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Robin red breast drawing

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Guinea Pig, pet portrait

Pet Portraits

I love having the opportunity to bring your pet's character to life in an animal portrait.

Pine Marten artwork

Pine Martens

The elusive and cute Martes martes is sadly almost extinct in England.


My Latest Artwork

Check out my latest work, or explore categories from Watercolour Pencil Artwork to see drawings of Birds, British Wildlife, Landscapes and Scenery, Magical and Fantasy, Pets, Portraits and People or World Animals.

Watercolour Pencils

Martin Balmer drawing an animal portrait

I hand-draw my artwork using watercolour pencils but what are they and how do they work?

Watercolour pencils are water soluble. They look and work exactly like normal colouring pencils, allowing intricate fine lines and blending. That is until water is applied.

Brushing water onto the paper blends and washes just like a watercolour painting.

My drawings capture the furry and feathery characters of both British wildlife and animals from the wider world.

You can enjoy them with a range of prints, in various paper sizes, and share them with your family and friends with greeting cards and badges.